Monday, October 17, 2011

Would you like my leftovers?

How many of you would like to eat these leftovers?

Sure they look good still, but they are not my best. If you asked me for a candy bar, and I delivered this, would you be pleased?

Psalm 111:1 says I will praise the Lord with my  WHOLE heart.  (emphasis mine)  NKJV

How many times do we give God what he asks of us half halfheartedly?  God asks us to worship Him, to put Him first. Do we make this a priority?

Last week we began the process of starting a worship service with our children instead of having them in big church during worship.  One of the first things we want to teach them is to worship God with their WHOLE heart. He is worthy of that, and we don't need to hold back from giving Him what He deserves.

Do we get distracted by the person dancing in the aisle next to us?   How about by the snickering going on amongst others who are only there to be there and not to worship?   Do we let our minds wander from things other than Christ. Are we giving Him our leftovers?

I challenge you today, to give God your VERY best. Give Him your whole heart.

A wise man once taught me that worship is simply you loving on Jesus, and letting Jesus love on you. This can take on many forms, from working with all of your ability as unto God, to singing Him praises, to simply being a good steward of your time, money, and talents.

Are you giving Him your all today? .

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