Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friends Can Be Amazing, The Story Of A Hol[e]y Roof (Sunday)

This lesson brought to you by High Voltage Kids (Transformed Curriculum - Lesson 6)

Friends are important .. the paralized man in Mark 2 knows this!

1. The Friends Went Above And Beyond To Bring Their Friends To Jesus!

Having a paralyzed friend, four men decided to do something about it knowing that Jesus was teaching near. Even though there was no way to get into the house in the conventional way they did not give up. They literally went ABOVE and BEYOND by ripping a hole into a roof, lowering their friend to Jesus!

When you decide to bring a friend to Christ, do you take any step necessary and give up - or do you do EVERYTHING you can for their situation?

2. The Friends Didn't Receive Any Reward Or Recognition!

The friends only get to see the reward that the paralyzed man got for their hard work.  Do you feel this way when you bring someone to Jesus? Do you do it to be seen or recognized or for that friend ... to just know Jesus?

3. My Effort + God's Power = My Friend's Miracle

Math is a pretty straight forward academic, there are proofs for why each principle actually makes logical sense. This story is the PROOF that we can step into the life's of others, with the power of God, and create change ... create miracles for them! 

Memory Verse :

Mark 2:5

Big Idea :

"I Will Bring My Friends To Jesus "


Join us next week as we discover if God loves anyone more than anyone else!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can Mr. Derek Rip A Phone Book In Half? (Video, Object Lesson)

Do U C What I C? The Story of a Blind Man! (Sunday)

This lesson brought to you by High Voltage Kids (Transformed Curriculum - Lesson 5)

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Three things to learn from how Jesus reacted to a blind man.

1. Jesus Sees You!

When people see a blind man (beggar) usually all they see is someone who needs money - someone who is just holding a cup, but Jesus REALLY saw the blind man!  He saw a man who had more needs than just money in a cup!

We should want see others like Jesus does!

2. Jesus Knows Your Real Need!

Jesus knew what the blind man needed!  He knew that a miracle was the answer and what THIS blind man was in need of - as well as what the Disciples needed then as well!

When we are able to see like Jesus, we can begin to know the REAL needs of those around us!  But will you be willing to do what is required to complete that need?

3. Jesus Works in Many Different Ways - Just Trust Him!

When Jesus prepared the miracle for the blind man he spit into the dirt and rubbed the resulting mud onto the blind man's eyes.  He then told the blind man to wash off the mud in a pool where he (the blind man) found that he was no longer blind!

Maybe you see like Jesus does and you know what the need is that someone has, but you do not know what to do.  You can pray!  God will be there with an answer, or He will send someone with an answer!

Memory Verse :

Proverbs 24:12

Big Idea :

"Whether You're Near Or Whether You're Far;
God Sees You And He Knows Where You Are! "


Join us next week as we discover the power of friendship and bringing others to Jesus!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talk about Jericho ... build a wall (Wednesday, Craft)

Tonight the Lakewood kids talked about Jericho - and the miracle performed after seven days of doing as commanded by God.  What might it have been like that to be one yelling and seeing those huge walls falling!

Our young ones made a wonderful wall!!

Our older ones made a great wall as well!! 


Then we Ate!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Help MEGA FORCE get into the schools! (Video)

Any Donations that you may wish to send to help Steve Carrier with Mega Force can be sent to

3751 Main Street
Suite 600-301
The Colony, TX 75056

even more ways to connect and partner with the ministry on the website below:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can anyone be too bad for God to save? (Video, Object Lesson)

Too late to be saved? The story of a thief! (Sunday Lesson)

This lesson brought to you by High Voltage Kids (Transformed Curriculum - Lesson 4)

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Three steps that the thief on the cross beside Jesus took to get to heaven.

1. Admit Your Sin!

Instead of mocking Jesus like on thief did - the other thief admitted that he had committed the crimes and deserved his death on the cross (also admitted that Jesus did NOT deserve death)

2. Ask Jesus For Help!

By recognizing that Jesus did not deserve death - and seeing Jesus as a Savour the thief asked Jesus,

Luke 23:42 KJV

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.

3. Receive God's Forgiveness!

When someone gives you a gift - you must accept in order for it to truly be yours.  The thief obviously accepted and even though it was 'late' in life ALL his sins were cleaned!

Take a lesson from the thief and take these steps to start making your way to heaven.

(A video will be posted in a blog later - keep an eye out for it! having technical problems)

Memory Verse :

2 Peter 3:9

Big Idea :

"Ain't Nobody Too Bad For God! "

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MEGA FORCE hits town!!!!

Sunday, July 17 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Lakewood Church
6825 Wares ferry Rd
Montgomery, Alabama

AMAZING FEATS OF STRENGTH!!! Guinness World Record Holder
STEVE CARRIER..seen on ESPN, Pipley's Believe It or Not,
Steve Harvey's Big Show and America's Got talent. FUN for THE WHOLE FAMILY. SEE YOU THE

Check out the Facebook Event for more details! 

One Giant Leap - The First Step

A journey has begun over the past few weeks starting with father's day.

One of new beginning.

One our family certainly did not expect to take as soon as God set us on it.

Somehow ... Someway ... we have been guided to a church in need of dedicated children ministry leaders.

A new church ... a 'new' ministry ...

My wife and I have been working in Children's Ministry off and on for about 10 years (a good 9 for me - and 11 for Mel)  All youth that have come into our lives have always been our 'ministry', something that we truly enjoy to do together!

Being welcomed into the family of Lakewood Christian Centre has been wonderful! (Website - Facebook)

Mel and I also were able to actually work with the kids this past Sunday!  Right now they are using the Transformed curriculum from High Voltage Kids!  We have both (Mel and I) used this type of curriculum before and plan to finish off the lessons that it provides before moving into any other directions.  

Planning, Planning, and more Planning - After several meetings and chats with Melanie I think we have a pretty clear vision on how to go about this whole 'Children's Pastor thing'.  

We were able to start going though what was already in the rooms there - and have found so many things to help get is started (Puppets, Full Body Costumes, Props, etc...) .  Pastor Chuck has been a great help in learning the new environment - and just making us feel at home. 

We have talked and are working on getting some painting done - as well as just getting everything primed and ready for ACTION.

take a moment to 'like' us on facebook or follow @LakewoodKids on twitter!

See you this Sunday as we talk about if it is ever too late to accept Christ!