Saturday, August 25, 2012

ALOHA!!! Back 2 School Bash 2012!


 We are excited to share updates on our first ever Back 2 School Bash!

We had such a great turn out and we are so pleased with how things went.

Our church congregation, along with others came together and donated over 35 backpacks to give away to kids at our service!!!  Thank you to those of you who donated and who prayed for our ministry for your amazing support. We are eternally grateful!

We had a blast playing games outside, followed by a great dinner.  As soon as everyone finished eating we kicked out our awesome service showcasing our talented ministry team, and bringing God all of the glory.

We sang songs and met lots of fun characters throughout the night, and followed up with an amazingly encouraging word from Pastor Derek.

We counted 27 children who responded to the call that night to believe in Jesus and ask Him to walk with them and live in their hearts.

Praise GOD!

Overall, we call this a HUGE success and we give God ALL of the glory. We couldn't be who we are without Him, and without our support from our church.  We thrive because we have many intercessors standing behind us.

Want to check out some of the things we did during our Back to School Bash?

Check out this video.  It's a little lengthy but I promise you won't regret watching it!

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