Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lessons From Treasure Planet : 5 - True Treasure

This is an adapted lesson from Kidology that used Treasure Island.  You may need an account to be able to see the information there, but we will be releasing our versions as soon as we are done.  Check it out HERE : 

Memory Verse :

Matthew 6:21

New International Version (NIV)
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Doe Doe and the Next Great Worker For God (An Object Lesson on Ability!!) :

Doe Doe talks about many great workers for God. Is there room for another?!

Bible Lesson :  
Isaiah 39:61-68
Hezekiah after his illness and healing from God

When Hezekiah was told all his treasures would be gone he only saw the value of his life. On one hand this is good because he understood the life God granted him was more important than the treasures all his forefathers had gathered, BUT on the other hand - he could not see because of his BIG HEAD in showing Babylon all his riches he had set up a future for others full of slavery,  We need to understand both!! Have pride in God and no other AND understand the treasure God has given us in our lives. God, and access to heaven are treasures to us, but the treasure that we have been searching for, is really ourselves.  To God, our lives are treasures.  He wants nothing more than us to CHOOSE to live for Him, that is why He gave us the Bible, our map, Jesus, our Captain, and the Holy Spirit, our compass.  He WANTS us to make it to our treasure, and His treasure to make it to Him! 
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