Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Giant Leap - The First Step

A journey has begun over the past few weeks starting with father's day.

One of new beginning.

One our family certainly did not expect to take as soon as God set us on it.

Somehow ... Someway ... we have been guided to a church in need of dedicated children ministry leaders.

A new church ... a 'new' ministry ...

My wife and I have been working in Children's Ministry off and on for about 10 years (a good 9 for me - and 11 for Mel)  All youth that have come into our lives have always been our 'ministry', something that we truly enjoy to do together!

Being welcomed into the family of Lakewood Christian Centre has been wonderful! (Website - Facebook)

Mel and I also were able to actually work with the kids this past Sunday!  Right now they are using the Transformed curriculum from High Voltage Kids!  We have both (Mel and I) used this type of curriculum before and plan to finish off the lessons that it provides before moving into any other directions.  

Planning, Planning, and more Planning - After several meetings and chats with Melanie I think we have a pretty clear vision on how to go about this whole 'Children's Pastor thing'.  

We were able to start going though what was already in the rooms there - and have found so many things to help get is started (Puppets, Full Body Costumes, Props, etc...) .  Pastor Chuck has been a great help in learning the new environment - and just making us feel at home. 

We have talked and are working on getting some painting done - as well as just getting everything primed and ready for ACTION.

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See you this Sunday as we talk about if it is ever too late to accept Christ! 


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