Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friends Can Be Amazing, The Story Of A Hol[e]y Roof (Sunday)

This lesson brought to you by High Voltage Kids (Transformed Curriculum - Lesson 6)

Friends are important .. the paralized man in Mark 2 knows this!

1. The Friends Went Above And Beyond To Bring Their Friends To Jesus!

Having a paralyzed friend, four men decided to do something about it knowing that Jesus was teaching near. Even though there was no way to get into the house in the conventional way they did not give up. They literally went ABOVE and BEYOND by ripping a hole into a roof, lowering their friend to Jesus!

When you decide to bring a friend to Christ, do you take any step necessary and give up - or do you do EVERYTHING you can for their situation?

2. The Friends Didn't Receive Any Reward Or Recognition!

The friends only get to see the reward that the paralyzed man got for their hard work.  Do you feel this way when you bring someone to Jesus? Do you do it to be seen or recognized or for that friend ... to just know Jesus?

3. My Effort + God's Power = My Friend's Miracle

Math is a pretty straight forward academic, there are proofs for why each principle actually makes logical sense. This story is the PROOF that we can step into the life's of others, with the power of God, and create change ... create miracles for them! 

Memory Verse :

Mark 2:5

Big Idea :

"I Will Bring My Friends To Jesus "


Join us next week as we discover if God loves anyone more than anyone else!

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