Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do U C What I C? The Story of a Blind Man! (Sunday)

This lesson brought to you by High Voltage Kids (Transformed Curriculum - Lesson 5)

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Three things to learn from how Jesus reacted to a blind man.

1. Jesus Sees You!

When people see a blind man (beggar) usually all they see is someone who needs money - someone who is just holding a cup, but Jesus REALLY saw the blind man!  He saw a man who had more needs than just money in a cup!

We should want see others like Jesus does!

2. Jesus Knows Your Real Need!

Jesus knew what the blind man needed!  He knew that a miracle was the answer and what THIS blind man was in need of - as well as what the Disciples needed then as well!

When we are able to see like Jesus, we can begin to know the REAL needs of those around us!  But will you be willing to do what is required to complete that need?

3. Jesus Works in Many Different Ways - Just Trust Him!

When Jesus prepared the miracle for the blind man he spit into the dirt and rubbed the resulting mud onto the blind man's eyes.  He then told the blind man to wash off the mud in a pool where he (the blind man) found that he was no longer blind!

Maybe you see like Jesus does and you know what the need is that someone has, but you do not know what to do.  You can pray!  God will be there with an answer, or He will send someone with an answer!

Memory Verse :

Proverbs 24:12

Big Idea :

"Whether You're Near Or Whether You're Far;
God Sees You And He Knows Where You Are! "


Join us next week as we discover the power of friendship and bringing others to Jesus!

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