Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Je Di (Jesus Diciples) Training : Lesson 6 - Serving

This is a lesson from Kidology.  You may need an account to be able to get all of the information for it.  Check it out HERE : 

Memory Verse :

“Give me understanding and I will obey your law; I will put it

into practice with all my heart.” Psalm 119:34 (NLT)

Doe Doe and The Lone Standing Strong Card (An Object Lesson About Serving God) :

Doe Doe shows the Lakewood kids that we ALL can be strong when we serve for God because when HE asks us to do it, we have all the power we need!

Bible Lesson : 

1 Corinthians 12:27
We Are The Body
We are all individually part of a large body that makes up the church.  We all have our individual gifts that are all needed at different times.  We cannot look down on someone else's gift and as well look up to someone else if it is just going to make us feel bad about ours.  We should accept ours and do the best we can with it for God's Kingdom!

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