Thursday, February 7, 2013

Je Di (Jesus Diciples) Training : Lesson 7 - Worship

This is a lesson from Kidology.  You may need an account to be able to get all of the information for it.  Check it out HERE : 

Memory Verse :

“Give me understanding and I will obey your law; I will put it

into practice with all my heart.” Psalm 119:34 (NLT)

Doe Doe and The Hanky that Knows Worship Inside and Out (An Object Lesson About How We Can Worship God) :

Doe Doe used this to help teach the Lakewood Kids about Worship

Bible Lesson : 

Colossian 3:23
All For God
The simplest way to worship God is to be Heavenly Minded. If we can have our minds on God in everything that we do, then we are worshiping God in every thing.  It may seem that this would be easy, but it can get very hard so never give up and just start thinking about God again when you realize you lost thought of Him!  

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